Summer Consultants, Inc. Wins ASHRAE Technology Award, Region III, for Innovative Design

Summer Consultants, Inc. received the first place 2016 Region III ASHRAE Technology Award, in the Existing Institutional Buildings category. The award recognized Summer Consultants, Inc. for the company’s innovative design approach and application of HVAC system improvements at the historic US Tax Court Building in Washington, DC. Summer Consultants, Inc. initially won the award at the chapter level, the National Capital Chapter of ASHRAE, and subsequently at the Region III level, which encompasses the Mid-Atlantic States of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey as well as the District of Columbia.

Summer Consultants, Inc. designed HVAC system improvements for the US Tax Court Building as part of a multi-phase project addressing heating and cooling problems at the 20,000 SM structure that existed since its construction in 1975. Project work included an initial study and follow on designs to replace the refrigeration plant, modify air outlets, restore zone temperature control, and replace air handling units. In addition, Summer Consultants, Inc. conducted re-commissioning to identify energy and water conservation measures and optimize energy management control systems. The ASHRAE Technology Award applied to Summer Consultants, Inc.’s total work for this project.

The ASHRAE Technology Awards recognize ASHRAE members who achieve outstanding innovative design and/or who develop innovative technology concepts for the building industry in the primary areas of energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and building occupant thermal comfort. Entrants are judged in one of six categories: Commercial Buildings, Institutional Buildings, Health Care Facilities, Industrial Facilities or Processes, Public Assembly Facilities, and Residential Buildings. Applicable projects need to address their environmental impact, and all project nominations must demonstrate system cost effectiveness to include one-year of performance data and year payback periods. In addition to first place, awards may be given for second place and honorable mention.
2016 ASHRAE Technology Award, Region IIIU.S. Tax Court Building