Jefferson Memorial before the renovationJefferson Memorial after the renovation

Building Name
Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Washington, D.C.

Project Name
Lighting Renovation

National Park Service

Osram Sylvania funded the relighting of the Jefferson Memorial and the National Park Service requested that Summer Consultants, Inc. perform the design. 

The existing incandescent lighting was converted to high intensity discharge (HID) metal halide and an Inductively Coupled Electrodeless Lighting System (ICETRON). The electrical service was decreased from 800 Amps to 225 Amps.  
As a result of the renovation, 30% more of the memorial was lit, with an 80% reduction in energy consumption. 
Numerous architectural features were illuminated for the first time, such as the steps, front facade, and the frieze. Lighting fixtures and wiring were designed to preserve architectural impact.